And so every

And so every And so every day I kiss week to choose and ask.

The most surprising for them began then when they shared impressions: it appears, any of teenagers was not called, not sent, not derided, not offended and not offended and they most of all are afraid of it.

Someone shrugged shoulders, someone did not answer, someone laughed or did square eyes, asked why and really now and dinosaurs are on sale, and some even tried to help council: to go to toy shop, it over there, or perhaps at the AllRussia Exhibition Centre is an exhibition of dinosaurs.

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Or when learned

Or when learned You already passed similar, for example, when your kid learned to sit.

Then you knew: on a sofa it is impossible to leave one will contrive, will turn over and will plop down on a floor.

Or when learned to run, you knew that from the road it is necessary to take for the handle, and to hold it very strong.

To prepare it means to make everything from you depending to teach, warn, save, and further to entrust management of the child's life to him and God.

If you rationally safeguarded the kid, especially to worry now, during this rough period, is not necessary: the foundation is laid.

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So there

So there At the time of emergence of bodies cages, which vna to chala were identical, start changing the type and a pra terpevat considerable changes depending on those functions which will be carried out by this or that body.

So there is specialization thanks to which you will be able the bodies formed by them make look fat work.

Despite the fact that that this thin specialization is connected with defined funk tion, it develops before function begins ra Xiu Tat.

j 'S.


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Reasonably Let them know for some days ahead when they meet the father and as this meeting will be long.

Reasonably built, well familiar schedule will add it confidence to the difficult period.

If you move in other place, take with yourself well familiar things in new housing.

And if it is impossible, help the child to choose something for the new apartment or the house it is admissible, some furniture, ornament or curtains for his bedroom.

This council treats also the parent living separately from a former family.

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I treated

I treated He could arrange a voice and sing sounds, at the same time playing on open strings as it did it on lamellar hand bells.

I treated it as with the ordinary pupil and gave it the book for beginners, having put it before it on a support.

Martin was ready to acquire symbolical representation of four notes of A D G C.

Everything that we did earlier, it was possible to use for development of a violoncello.

Martin began with the first page of the book, using a bow or touching strings: Open strings For Martin it was absolutely autonomous experience.

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